Mazuma Capital Funds Over $12.5M for Thermal Coal Producer

Mazuma Capital, a leading national direct lender, today announced that it has funded over $12.5 million for a U.S. high quality thermal coal producer. The coal producer sought several funding sources that had expertise in funding newer companies. They had many challenges present in the transaction from the type of equipment, to the documentation aspect. There were also several factors that affected the credit due to recent mergers. Due to these challenges the financing was denied through several well-known banks and vendors. Mazuma Capital was ultimately the right financing source to help structure and fund the transaction. A favorable structure was an important objective in order to provide cash flow, the appropriate tax, and accounting factors to meet the financial goals of the company. The structure also needed to provide the ability to expense the payments over time. Mazuma Capital was able to secure an approval in a timely fashion while meeting the needs of the company, from the terms to the unique structure. “This is a newer company that is still in the midst of a huge growth phase. Therefore, this transaction produced several challenges in finding a suitable financing structure to meet the goals of the company. The lack of history, recent buyouts, and mergers made this a more difficult credit. Our team worked hard to develop a perfect balance with the right structure, and suitable terms for the company,” said Jared Belnap, President and CEO of Mazuma Capital.