Read Mazuma Capital's parent company's book, Why Onset is Your Best Choice, to learn more about an unmatched equipment leasing experience.

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Need for Speed

We know tight deadlines are common, and that is why we have perfected our funding process. We can fund in as little as 3 days because when you need it, you need it.

Creative Structure

We know your company is like no other. That is why we have creative and flexible lease structures to ensure your lease is customized to your company.

Reliable Funding

There is a reason why we have been in business since 2005. We're good, and we show no signs of slowing down and are ready to fund your equipment.

Our Value

Mazuma Capital is one of the top privately-owned leasing companies in the United States. For over 12 years, Mazuma Capital has been providing equipment finance solutions for nationwide customers in a wide variety of industries. During the years of recession, banks shied away from financing mission-critical equipment for companies – equipment that was vital for growth in a stagnant market. Mazuma continued to grow during those years. Now, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Onset Financial, Mazuma is a powerhouse with years of experience on every front. That means we can finance your next project – and we can do it fast.

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A Legacy of Success at Mazuma Capital

Creating a world-class experience takes a world-class passionate team. Organizational Integrity is the guiding principle in the way Mazuma conducts business. From our CEO and President, through every level of management and to each individual employee, Mazuma promotes the value of acting with integrity. This encourages transparency, which engenders the trust and confidence of our clients. As our customer, you will know where your transaction stands and what is required to match your needs with capital to facilitate your growth.

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