Our COVID Relief Program

When the global crisis hit, the impact was hard and fast.  Successful companies with plans to expand and grow were left scrambling to figure out how to adjust and keep operations moving forward.   Mazuma Capital is proud to be at the forefront of offering fast relief to our valued customers.   We deployed an internal Coronavirus Relief Program (CRP) Task Force to work with every customer in need of payment relief. We created the CRP to help our Lessees get through this unprecedented time. And, we are proud to say EVERY LESSEE that approached Mazuma for debt relief was approved.

We worked, on your behalf, to offer several months of deferred payments to help soften the blow of this crisis. We were able to provide clients with three-to-six months of reduced payments, in some cases up to 9-months of relief. In every case, we were successful in demonstrating shocking flexibility to our valued customers.  This flexibility is unprecedented.

Please, click on our case studies and see for yourself. Because, before the shutdown, we were strong. This has given us the opportunity to prove it! And, if it happens again. We will be here to help you recover, rebuild, and grow.

*These case studies are provided for informational purposes.  The names of the customers and the specific details of their business and situation have been withheld.  Qualification for Mazuma’s COVID-19 Relief Program is subject to review and approval by Mazuma and its underwriters.