Mazuma Capital Funds Million Dollar Transaction for Biofuel Company

Mazuma Capital, a national direct lender, announced it has funded a $2.7 million dollar transaction for one of the nation’s longest running renewable and alternative fuel companies. The company leads through its visionary goal of transforming the way energy is used and how it affects the environment. With major orders in backlog for new energy projects, the company faced growing pains and needed financing for new equipment. This search lasted over nine months as they were turned away from several well-known lending institutions. Due to the lack of collateral, low profitability and the new technology being produced no lender felt “comfortable” with the risk.

Mazuma Capital entered and was able to provide a flexible lease option to meet the time requirements and financial needs of the company. Mazuma Capital’s underwriters brought their experience, creativity, and knowledge of renewable energy transactions to securing funding. A 36-month operating lease was chosen to help the company keep on schedule with its backlog.

“Working with Mazuma Capital allowed us to continue our mission of providing energy independence without a delay. The innovative structure Mazuma offered us was exactly what we were searching for,” said the CEO of the Biofuel Company. “The people at Mazuma were proactive and were able to deliver, and meet our expectations. The personalized services were unique and very professional, yet still customized to us.”