Mazuma Capital Funds Gold Exploration and Production

Mazuma Capital announces it has funded $1,500,000 to an American Stock Exchange listed gold exploration, mining, and production firm. The company, which operates domestic and international mines, will use the proceeds for additional crawler mounted blasthole drills.

Of particular novelty is that while the company is domiciled domestically, the equipment has been placed in service on foreign soil. While it may seem de rigueur for multi-national companies to purchase domestically and deploy abroad, it requires specific financial finesse to structure a complex transaction that is in compliance and with all vested parties.

“This is another instance of how resourceful we can be. In a market that has seen commodities retrench more than 50% we are still able to structure a compelling transaction for all parties–even as the asset is utilized in a foreign country. As always, we’re willing to partner with our clients and take market risk when there’s a compelling business proposition and an astute management team,” said Matt Burrows, executive vice president of sales for Mazuma Capital.