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Increased US Manufacturing

700,000 Funded

Company Overview

This legacy company has been in business for over a century. While other companies in their space have gravitated to China for production, this customer is proud to be owned and operated in the United States. With a 75-thousand square foot production floor, this company employs three hundred people. As a 100-year old institution, the challenges for these trailblazers is to stay at the forefront of growth and innovation. Unlike a start-up company, manufacturing a quality product has been crucial to this company, and their customer base for longer than most of the employees have been alive. That brings the pressure to maintain a product that is always evolving and better than what came before.


Company Revenue

Operating Lease; Tax Lease


Mazuma + Manufacturing

As a company that has been in business for over a hundred years, they know the value of leasing equipment. Their cash-crunch happens every year just before Christmas as they gear up for a high demand season. Without the right equipment, they wouldn’t be able to satisfy their customers’ needs. Mazuma Capital was able to infuse capital into their operations in a hurry – eliminating the cash-crunch and creating ideal conditions for the end-of-the-year rush.