Fulfilled Commitments

Company Growth

2,700,000 Funded

Company Overview

Collecting and getting rid of trash is a dirty job that one waste management company is trying to clean up. For the last 60-years, they have been customizing their service. They have learned that every customer is unique and that means different containers for different materials. They specialize in a wide range of options from simple recycling to complicated medical waste. Their years of experience have provided them with the know-how to meet and surpass environmental regulations. They are also at the forefront of sustainability. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and playing a positive role in protecting the environment. They believe sustainability is the only way to ensure the next generation will have an earth they want to live on.


Company Revenue

Operating Lease; True Lease


Mazuma + Manufacturing

Onset Financial, Mazuma Capital’s parent company, successfully funded $2.7M worth of injection molding equipment for a privately held manufacturing company on the East Coast. This equipment was a key part of the Lessee’s growth and gave them the ability to fulfill contracts with their customers.