Improvement of Medical Equipment

Seamless Implementation

12,000,000 Funded

Company Overview

‘Coordinating care’ is the key to success when it comes to this hospital. They believe a team approach – one that includes doctors, nurses, and other medical staff – is crucial to making sure a patient gets the care they need. They pride themselves on listening more than talking and acting on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. They believe preventative care is the way to go in most situations and that’s why they work to educate the members of the three different communities they serve.


Company Revenue

Operating Lease; Tax Lease


Mazuma + Healthcare

One of the most unique aspects of our transactions with this customer has been the broad variety of equipment we have financed. This includes everything from imaging equipment such as CT and MRI machines, to millions of dollars in tenant improvements. We’ve been successful in financing renovations on some of their facilities that had become outdated. Our financing has helped provide their patients with state of the art healthcare and was accomplished without interruption to their normal business operations.