International Funding

Short Deadline

22,000,000 Funded

Company Overview

As a global leader in automotive safety, this international company has been leading the way in innovation and technological advances for over a century. Since its inception, they have taken pride in finding the best and most talented engineers to find and create solutions for vehicle manufacturers across the world. Their commitment to safety and dedication to their craft has turned them into a one-billion-dollar a year powerhouse.


Company Revenue

Operating Lease; Tax Lease


Mazuma + Technology

When this international automotive supplier started working with Onset Financial, Mazuma’s parent company, their needs were clear. They needed an operating lease, and they needed it in a hurry. It’s not often an independent equipment leasing company can provide millions-of-dollars in a matter of a week but that’s what happened. What’s even more incredible is Onset was able to finance relatively unsecured international equipment in this transaction. As a global leader in automotive safety, this company provides products most drivers use on a daily basis. And, the equipment financed generates forty to fifty thousand dollars of revenue all-day, every day. Onset is proud to team-up with this billion-dollar company to provide operating lease capital to this global T1a supplier.