Soft Cost Funding

Business Growth

2,300,000 Funded

Company Overview

This facility’s management company can be found in nearly half of the United States in more than a hundred businesses. They service everything from water bottle programs to mail room services. In the winter they take care of snow removal, in the summer they make sure the landscaping looks great. They are certified in several international standards for their industry. And, they take those standards of safety seriously.


Company Revenue

Operating Lease; Tax Lease


Mazuma + Hospitality

This hospitality group had trouble getting financing for its FF&E in the past due to the soft nature and low resale value of the collateral. As a result, they had been using cash for these items. They wanted a 48-month buck out structure and we told them we could get it done on a 24-month operating lease. As a result, they wanted to shop around. They did. But ultimately they came back to us and we approved the deal and funded.