Capitalized on Existing Equipment

Maintain Aircraft Safety

452,000 Funded

Company Overview

When you depart a plane after a flight, this company sends in crews to make sure the next flight is clean, safe and ready to go. They do everything from detailing the interior of the plane to making sure luggage and freight requirements are met. In addition, they help out with ground transportation and nearly every other aspect of travel. Airlines rely on them to help with freight, security and ramp operations at airports nationwide.


Company Revenue

Operating Lease; Tax Lease


Mazuma + Aviation

The Lessee needed to raise money due to a slowdown in the industry causing a strain on working capital requirements. They were looking for an extended bridge loan to help them get through. We learned that they had a significant amount of existing equipment on the books. The solution was to do a sale lease-back on some of that existing equipment, thus freeing up a good amount of cash for them to work with. We utilized an operating lease structure in order to keep the monthly payments to a minimum for the Lessee.