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Low Payments

6,500,000 Funded

Company Overview

Founded nearly a century ago, this customer sells and transports millions of eggs every year. Their eggs supply numerous grocery stores, food service supply companies, and various food distribution warehouses throughout the southern United States. Their seven facilities make them one of the largest egg producing poultry farms in the nation, supplying countless American homes with high-quality eggs for their cooking & baking needs.


Company Revenue

Operating Lease; True Lease


Mazuma + Agriculture

At Mazuma Capital we know the poultry industry is known to operate on razor-thin margins and market demand isn’t the only challenge these entrepreneurs face in this highly volatile industry. This customer needed to preserve cash flow for the downturns while financing a construction project to place new chicken coops in service. Mazuma Capital understood this customer’s sensitivity to cash preservation and provided this customer with an operating lease that gave them a low payment on soft collateral.