Mazuma Capital Funds $15M International Medical Device Company

Mazuma Capital has just funded $15 million dollars for a global medical device company. This billion-dollar organization leads its industry in cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized the world of sports medicine and recovery.

“This was a transaction that took true teamwork from start to completion,” said Kristina Allen, Executive Vice President of Lease Operations for Mazuma Capital. “To work on such a complex and continuously evolving project of this magnitude and to be able to execute it with such speed and accuracy was a testament of the abilities of the documentation team here at Mazuma.”

This customer works with nearly 100-thousand employees and has more than 14-hundred locations across the globe.

“It was so rewarding to demonstrate our capabilities to this global company that provides household name products,” said Dustin Bond, Vice President of Sales for Mazuma Capital. “It took precise structuring to meet the needs of this great customer effectively.”

Mazuma Capital’s parent company, Onset Financial, is wrapping up the highest second-quarter in company history and is set to move into a 55-thousand square-foot campus later this year.