Mazuma Capital Corp Completes Office Equipment Transaction

Mazuma Capital Corp, an industry leader in the national direct lending market, announced today it has funded a $510,000 dollar transaction for a well known New York business.

The business sought a funding source that would meet or exceed the term and structure they desired. After being turned down by a half dozen underwriters the business was running out of alternatives. Mazuma Capital was ultimately the right choice to help with this unique transaction. The company had many challenges present in this transaction from the credit issues to an unresolved tax lien. Due to these challenges the financing was an intricate, detailed process.

A three year operating lease structure was an important objective in order to provide cash flow, and the appropriate tax and accounting factors to meet the financial goals of the company. The structure also provided the ability to expense the payments over time. Mazuma Capital was able to secure an approval in a timely fashion while meeting the needs of the company; from the specialized language to the unique debt structure of the company.

“We invested our time and resources in this transaction for a variety of reasons. Our interest in the relationship with the customer was paramount, as was our interest in the future needs of the customer. Finding the right structure to make the customer and Mazuma Capital’s Finance Committee comfortable was challenging, but in the end we secured a mutually beneficial relationship,” said Buddy Zarbock, VP of Vendor Services at Mazuma Capital.