Mazuma Capital Closes $2.7M Lease for Market Research Company

Mazuma Capital has funded a $2.7 million lease transaction with a national market research firm. The company’s knowledge-base product is aggregated data from various methods and sources synthesized into actionable data for its diverse client base.

The financing was structured to meet the company’s nonconforming requirements. Approximately 15% of the financed project consisted of computer hardware while the balance was approved for soft costs including software development and acquisition of high-end ancillary software tools.

The company’s chief financial officer said, “Our company pursued Mazuma because the transaction was creative in meeting our asset mix and accounting treatment requirements, with competitive pricing and terms too. In addition, their staff was great to work with!”

Mazuma’s Executive Vice President of Sales Matt Burrows said, “There were a number of hurdles with this transaction. The company had an abridged operating history and the collateral was somewhat atypical. We just look at every situation and figure out what it takes to make it work. Clearly some transactions require more creativity, but we can often find a fit when other lessors capitulate.”