We got you covered.

Let our team of experts work on crafting a lease to help minimize your federal income tax liability, maximize your accounting objectives and customize cash-flow solutions to your budget. Our Associate Structuring Group has expertise in all these areas and will help guide you to the best structure for your situation.

  • Tax oriented leases “true or guideline” leases
  • Non-tax oriented leases
  • Loan, conditional sales contracts, balloon, and other purchase option structures
  • Operating leases
  • Lease facilities
  • Sale & lease back options
  • Step up/step down leases
  • Seasonal leases
  • Differed payment options
  • Bundled lease products
  • Non-tax operating leases, and other tax/GAAP products
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FEB 07 2017
Mazuma Capital Funds $2.2M For Nationwide Tourism Company
JUL 05 2016
Mazuma Capital Funds $36M for Global Medical Diagnostics Servicing Company