Jack, President
Mazuma Capital has helped us increase our sales in a tough market. Our equipment is unique in the marketplace and it works in an abrasive environment. Because of this, we have had difficulty getting financing. When I call Mazuma with a transaction that needs to be financed, they do everything within their power to secure funding. We consider them to be a key partner to our success.
Bob, Director of Finance
For our broad customer base security is an important part of our service. We continue to expand our facility and Mazuma Capital Corp. has provided financing for the necessary security equipment, software, and installation to cover the entire airport. The diligent efforts of their operations team added to our relationship with the selected vendor as they kept accurate track of each component of the security systems. Having worked with Mazuma for nearly two years, we have found them to be a valuable resource
Ron, CFO
Our company pursued Mazuma because the transaction was creative in meeting our asset mix and accounting treatment requirements, with competitive pricing and terms too. Once the learning curve of the first tranche was completed, funding was flexible, timely, in desirable amount sizing, and documentation requirements reasonable. In addition, the staff was great to work with!
Jim, CFO
Our company as a whole has had a great experience working with Mazuma Capital. We were needing some quick financing for underground mining equipment. The market as tight as it is, and the type of equipment we were needing, we knew it would be tough in this economy. Mazuma Capital Corp delivered on their promise by customizing the lease agreement to meet our needs. The process was streamlined and unique in the sense that they were willing to be flexible and sensitive to our timing for us taking delivery on our equipment as scheduled. We are very pleased with their openness and honesty in working through every stage of the transaction. Mazuma Capital Corp has met all of our expectations of what we were looking for in a leasing company, and we look forward to having them as a long term leasing relationship.
Tom, Vp of Finance & CFO
As our company searches for more opportunities for lease financing, I received a call from Mazuma Capital Corp. As I laid out to Mazuma and other companies what we were looking for in the way of lease financing, Mazuma came through with the best over all cost of funds as well as meeting our needs and time schedules. I have enjoyed working with Mazuma Capital Corp, because of their willingness to be flexible and the way they keep me updated on all that happens through the process. Everyone there is so easy to work with and I will continue to work with them on an ongoing basis. My experience was well within what I hoped for from a lease financing company.
Michael, CFO
Mazuma Capital was able to work through a complicated, intricate transaction smoothly and quickly. By adapting our financial needs with our budgetary restrictions we were able to find a financial solution to enhance our business and production.
Joseph, CFO
We have facilities all over the world and having a partner who can finance our equipment needs in Canada is important to our operations. Mazuma Capital Corp. provided us a favorable transaction that allowed us to capture tax benefits along with our investment at our facility in Quebec. We look forward to future transactions with Mazuma because we can count on straightforward interaction and prompt response time at all stages of the transaction
Brian, Director of Finance
Mazuma Capital swiftly moved in and funded our project when we were left stranded and without financing on a mission-critical project. We were under tremendous pressure after finding out that one of the largest national money centers had inappropriately backed out of their funding commitment. With only days to spare, Mazuma stepped in and funded the project saving our company from even one second of business interruption. Mazuma Capital was a huge resource for our company when we urgently needed their funding. Thank you Mazuma.
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801 816 0800

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